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Albert Dweck Reveals How Multifamily Buildings Work

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While serving as CEO of the real estate company, Albert Dweck has served as managing principal of more than 50 real estate partnerships, which represent about 500 units. The Northeast offers multifamily housing opportunities, including rental apartments, according to Albert Dweck.

Multifamily homes are ideal for beginner real estate investors to start purchasing properties that earn a passive income. However, these homes comprise several units that more than one family shares. They face some issues that single-family houses do not have. If you’re looking to purchase a multifamily apartment and want to know the basics, here’s what to know before jumping into it.

What’s a multifamily house?

A multifamily residence is a single house divided to allow for multiple families living in separate units. It can be anything from duplexes, which have two separate dwellings in a single building, to houses or smaller apartment buildings with up to four units. (Buildings with more than four units are generally classified as commercial property.)

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Owners of multi-family homes could reside in one unit and lease the other or move to another location and lease the entire property out. The guidelines regarding finance for a multifamily house differ based on whether the owner plans to reside there or not. If you do not plan to reside in your home, you’re considered an investor. You might be able to apply the projected rental income of the property to get a mortgage and you may be eligible to receive a greater sum of money.

“When you’re considering an individual-family house you’re thinking of your requirements,” says Albert Dweck. “When considering multifamily homes, you must consider it an organization. What are the requirements that your tenants will have? What income can it generate and what would your costs be?”

According to Albert Dweck, Multifamily in comparison to. single-family homes, While you may rent out portions or all of a single-family home, Multifamily homes also have distinctive characteristics. Many started as huge single-family homes, which the homeowner or developer chose to break up into several units. Each property in a multifamily residence comes with its address, bathroom, and kitchen, and generally, it has its entrance. However, people living in multifamily homes might have less privacy than people living in single-family homes due to walls shared.

The types of multifamily houses

There are a variety of multi-family homes that you can consider that offer various options in terms of living and layout. Every kind of home has its particular pros and pros and in addition to.


A duplex is a building that consists of two houses or two buildings that are linked by the same wall, ceiling, or flooring. A triplex can be described as having three. Each dwelling in a triplex or duplex is a separate entrance. There are also separate garages and yards.


A condo is usually an individual-owned unit in the community or building comprised of other privately owned units. In most cases, condo owners must contribute monthly charges to the homeowners’ association. The fees are used to cover the maintenance cost for the amenities included. Sometimes, they pay for insurance for the community or building and community, too.


Like townhouses, duplexes or townhomes are houses that are joined by the same wall. They usually are built with three or two stories. They are bigger than apartments, and usually require much less maintenance and upkeep than a single-family house.

Semi-detached house

As with townhomes, semi-detached houses have a shared wall with a neighboring home. However, semi-detached homes tend to be larger than townhomes. These kinds of houses may be less expensive than standalone single-family homes. They can also provide lower costs for maintenance since homeowners of semi-detached houses might share the cost of maintenance.

Advantages of Multifamily houses

The rent that a multifamily home earns can be used to pay for your mortgage and other expenses and provide some income. “For certain owners, it is the case that their rent is so high to make them not have an obligation to pay for their house in the first place,” says Albert Dweck, CEO of Duke property in New York. 

You’ll be able to handle repairs and maintenance much more quickly. If you reside near or within the location of your home rental, You are less likely to be able to ignore important issues and are quick to act when issues arise. You can deduct a large portion of the home maintenance costs as an expense for business and then reduce a portion of the mortgage interest payment.

These homes are the ideal choice for family members of multiple generations who want to stay close but still have privacy. (They will also help you keep these options open for the near future.) If you begin living in one apartment, but then decide to move out, you may continue to keep it as an investment that generates income and earn even more when you lease it to others.

Maximizing the return for a multifamily house

Most of the time, multifamily homes can also function as an investment asset for the homeowner. To maximize your investment, you need to be aware of the costs that come with the property, which include not just mortgage fees tax, property taxes, and insurance for homeowners, but other costs, like the cost of utility fees for real estate agents, charges and advertising (to draw prospective tenants) and legal costs.