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Albert Dweck About Multifamily Real Estate Investment

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A real estate is an option for those who are unable to endure the fluctuations that the market has. It’s also an excellent option for those who want to be involved in their capital growth instead of putting their money into a fund managed by an outside entity. One of the best aspects of investing in real estate is that it is possible to use multiple strategies that can be used successfully. The multifamily market, and specifically rental apartments, presents opportunities for Albert Dweck. As part of his investment strategy, Albert Dweck targets properties with 30 units or fewer and prices below $25 million.

Albert Dweck: Investing in Multi-Family Properties 

According to Albert Dweck, rental property investment is the best investment option for investors looking to earn an additional source of income and gradual but steady growth for their investments. In residential real property, you can invest in two main kinds of properties in single-family or multi-family.

Albert Dweck

The name suggests that single-family homes are residential structures with only one unit available for rent. In contrast, multi-family properties, often referred to as apartment complexes, have more than one rentable space. There are fewer obstacles to entering in the case of building an investment portfolio of smaller homes. There are several reasons to invest in larger residential properties. There are three good reasons to consider buying multi-family properties instead of single-unit rental properties.


The ownership of rental properties is a great method to diversify your portfolio of investments and earn a steady income. Multi-family properties can increase your income at no cost. Multi-family rental properties are usually simpler to finance, yield increased compound returns quicker, and gain from economies of scale.

More Expensive, but a Lot Easier to Finance

In most cases, if not always, the cost to purchase an apartment building will be much higher than the cost of buying a single-family house to invest in. A single unit of rental can be as low as $30,000, whereas the price of a multi-family property could be in the thousands.

At first look it may appear like securing a mortgage for a single-family home will be much easier than trying to raise funds for a multi-million-dollar complex; however, the reality is that a multi-family home will be more likely to get granted by a bank a loan than a standard house. This is because real estate that has multiple families regularly generates an impressive income stream each month. It’s the same when a home is vacant for a couple of months or has a few tenants who are behind on their rent payment. If one of the tenants, for example, is evicted from an apartment that is a single-family residence, the property would be 100% empty.

In contrast, an apartment building with ten units and one vacant unit would be vacant for 10. Therefore, the chance of a foreclosed property for an apartment property isn’t as great as a single-family home. This is an investment that is less risky for a lender and could also lead to an interest rate that is more competitive for the property owner.

Growing a Portfolio Takes Less Time

Albert Dweck and his team at Duke Property will guide you to the best idea. Multi-family real estate is ideal for property investors who want to create many rental properties. The acquisition of a 20-unit apartment building is less time-consuming and more efficient than buying 20 single-family houses.

In the second scenario, it is necessary to communicate with 20 sellers and conduct inspections of 20 homes that are located at different addresses. Additionally, this method could require an investor to sign 20 loans on each property in certain instances. The hassle can be avoided by buying a single property with 20 units.

You’re in a Position in Which Property Management Makes Financial Sense

Certain real estate investors don’t like the actual administration of their properties and instead employ a property management firm to handle the day-to-day operations of their rental properties. The property manager is usually paid a portion of the property’s rent. Their responsibilities could include locating and screening prospective tenants, taking rent, handling evictions, and taking care of the property.

Many owners of one or two single-family residences do not have the option of hiring an outside property manager since it’s not an investment that is financially prudent because of their limited portfolio. The amount of money multi-family properties earn each month provides their owners with the chance to profit from managing their properties without having to substantially reduce the profits.

The Bottom Line

Like the stock market, investing in real estate can be successful with various strategies. The most well-known method of investing is in the real estate market. This is because you can purchase several rental properties. Properties that have only one rental unit for residential use are generally classified as single-family houses Apartment complexes that contain multiple rental units are often referred to as multi-family homes.

There are numerous benefits of owning multi-family real estate. This includes access to more lucrative financing options, the possibility to swiftly expand one’s rental portfolio, and the convenience of hiring a property management company.