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Learn from Albert Dweck About Property Investment

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An investment property is a big commitment. It’s important to understand what you are getting into before making any decisions. Rental apartments are discussed by Albert Dweck in his discussion of multifamily opportunities in the Northeast. The property manager Duke Properties was founded by Albert Dweck. An investment property is not affordable for many New Yorkers. However, for those who can afford it and handle the responsibilities associated with being a property owner, this property could be an option. This investment can provide long-term income and equity growth. If you are smart, it could even last generations. Real estate is why some of the most successful people in the world are real estate investors. 

Learn from Albert Dweck: What is an Investment Property?

You should not buy a property solely to make it your home. The beautiful brownstone in your family’s backyard is a great investment. It may even increase in value as time passes, provided there are capital improvements and the market is moving your way when you resell it.

It is not an investment property unless you use it to generate income. A property that is an investment property can be expected to yield a return. This could be through rental income, capital returns (price appreciation), or a combination. You’ll see a return on investment if you own a property for a long time. The capitalization rate, or “cap rate,” is real estate. It’s the sum of the rent and purchase prices divided by the rental income. Nevertheless, Albert Dweck discusses multifamily opportunities in the Northeast and includes rental apartments.

Albert Dweck
Albert Dweck

Making Money with an Investment Property

Although stories about house flipping are the most popular reality TV shows, rentals are a much more common use for investment properties. You won’t see a dramatic increase in home values overnight. Also, it will be costly to make extensive repairs on a fixer-upper. The house flipping career is best for those who are extremely handy and have some experience in house construction. However, rental income can provide a monthly income for the average Joe and help you pay off your mortgage on your new property.

NYC is a Great Place to Invest

In Albert Dweck’s view, people can afford high rents and there is a constant demand for rental properties. This results in low vacancy rates. NYC is a great place to rent an apartment. Renting NYC property over a long period is a good investment. It is so good that the average NYC real estate investor only buys 1-2 apartments.

The Risks of Investing In One Property

Experts warn that investing in just one rental property to generate income is like buying one stock with all your money.

What happens if your tenant is unable to rent the building for months?

Worse, your tenant is uncooperative and withholds rent. You should consider the possibility that your rental income may not be 100% consistent. Even if it is, managing tenants can be a tedious task. Do you have the time and energy to answer tenants’ calls in the middle of the night or even during the day? Are you able to afford to hire someone to do repairs and maintenance? Sometimes, your rental income may not be sufficient to pay mortgage costs, property taxes, or repairs. You should be able to pay your mortgage expenses without any rental income. You should think about this: There may be several months where your property is not rented. You could end up with bankruptcy if you cannot pay your mortgage. This will damage your credit and cause you financial problems in the long term. There are significant tax benefits for property investments in NYC.

Factors affecting real estate investment in New York

The mansion tax kicks into effect when you buy an NYC unit for $1 million or more. This is not unusual in an overpriced real estate market. The mansion tax is no longer a flat fee. It increases with the property’s value.

How to Get Started in NYC Real Estate Investment

Now you are ready to move on. Congratulations! Investing in property is an exciting milestone. When looking for your first property, it is worth speaking with an experienced realtor in investment properties. It is advantageous to have a realtor with experience in the neighborhoods you are interested in. 

Tell them what your goals are. If you intend to fix it up and either sell it or rent it out for longer, let them know. This person should be as connected as possible. A realtor who is particularly knowledgeable in the investment world may find you many off-market properties. However, an agent can answer your questions and help you meet your real estate goals. Renting your home on Airbnb, if legal, is a great way to start your career as a landlord.

Start small if you are unsure

Renters may purchase a duplex or multi-unit property and then live in one of the units. This is a great way to get into the real estate investing circuit. It’s also better than paying rent or throwing your money away.

Multi-family houses are a great way to start investing

Albert Dweck hopes you choose quiet and respectful tenants to fill the other units. It is generally easier to rent apartments with one or two bedrooms since tenants looking for smaller units are a larger percentage of the potential population. Although larger units are more expensive, their vacancy periods can be longer because fewer tenants are looking for them. However, the tenant mix in larger units may be more stable as it includes families that want to stay longer. Click over here to learn more from Albert Dweck.