Navigating NYC Rentals: Insights from Albert Dweck of Duke Properties

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Renting in the vibrant city of New York as an international tenant presents both opportunities and challenges. In this comprehensive guide, Albert Dweck from Duke Properties sheds light on the intricacies of NYC rentals, offering valuable insights for a successful renting experience. From understanding guarantors to navigating student-friendly options and safeguarding against scams, this blog post is your go-to resource for mastering the NYC rental landscape.

Demystifying Guarantors in NYC Rentals:

NYC Rentals

For those new to the NYC rental scene, the concept of guarantors can be perplexing. Albert Dweck breaks it down, explaining the significance of a guarantor and why landlords often require one for added security. Fear not if you don’t have a local guarantor—alternatives like larger upfront deposits or third-party guarantor services are explored. Albert Dweck recommends platforms like Insurent or Rhino, providing real-life tips for navigating the guarantor process.

Navigating NYC Rentals: Tips for Students and Budget Seekers:

Albert Dweck shares insights tailored for students and budget-conscious renters. Universities in NYC offer valuable resources for student housing, and Dweck highlights options like NYU’s Off-Campus Housing Assistance (OCHA) and the role of Atlas in finding budget-friendly rooms close to universities. With a focus on avoiding student rental scams, Dweck emphasizes caution when dealing with online listings and the importance of verifying sources.

Safeguarding Your Rental Journey in NYC:

Protecting yourself in the NYC rental landscape goes beyond budget considerations. Albert Dweck stresses the importance of understanding NYC rental regulations to avoid potential legal issues. Identifying legitimate listings and steering clear of scams is crucial, with recommendations for trusted platforms equipped with anti-scam technology, including Atlas, StreetEasy, and

NYC Rentals


Renting in NYC as an international tenant requires a strategic approach. By demystifying guarantors, leveraging student resources, understanding regulations, and navigating online platforms wisely, you’ll be well-prepared to find your ideal home. Albert Dweck concludes with a reminder that for those looking to level up their search, Atlas provides access to every international-friendly room listing on the internet. Happy renting!