Decoding Utility Responsibilities: Albert Dweck Guides Tenants on What to Expect from Landlords

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Navigating the realm of utilities can often be a murky territory for tenants entering into new lease agreements. In this informative blog post, Albert Dweck, the experienced CEO of Duke Properties, sheds light on the responsibilities landlords bear for utilities when a new tenant signs a lease. Join this episode to gain valuable insights into the general rules and specific circumstances to be mindful of in your lease, covering everything from heating to cooling and every other utility within your apartment.

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Unraveling the Utility Puzzle:

1.General Guidelines: What Landlords Typically Cover:

Dweck starts by outlining the general guidelines for utility responsibilities. Discover what landlords typically cover in terms of utilities and understand the common expectations tenants can have when entering into a lease agreement.


2.Specific Circumstances: Navigating Lease Variations:

Delve into specific circumstances that may influence utility responsibilities. Albert Dweck provides insights into lease variations, highlighting factors that could impact who is responsible for heating, cooling, and other utilities based on individual agreements.

Heating and Cooling: Know Your Comfort Zones:

1.Heating Arrangements: Understanding Winter Comfort:

Explore the specifics of heating arrangements within your lease. Dweck offers guidance on understanding how heating responsibilities are outlined, ensuring tenants are well-informed and comfortable during colder months.

2.Cooling Considerations: Staying Comfortable in the Summer:

As the temperature rises, discover how cooling considerations are addressed in lease agreements. Albert Dweck dives into the details of what tenants can expect regarding air conditioning and cooling systems, ensuring a comfortable living space during warmer seasons.

Other Utilities in Focus:

1.Electricity, Water, and Gas: Parsing Through Responsibilities:

Gain clarity on electricity, water, and gas responsibilities within your lease. Dweck breaks down the nuances of these essential utilities, providing tenants with a comprehensive understanding of what they can anticipate and what falls under the landlord’s purview.

2.Additional Considerations: Internet and Cable: Beyond Basic Utilities:

Explore additional considerations, such as internet and cable services. Albert Dweck addresses how these modern utilities factor into lease agreements, offering insights into what tenants may need to arrange independently.

Reading Your Lease: Empowering Tenants with Knowledge:

1.The Importance of Lease Examination: Empowering Tenants with Knowledge:

Albert Dweck emphasizes the significance of thoroughly examining your lease. Learn how this crucial step empowers tenants with knowledge, ensuring they understand their rights and responsibilities regarding utilities from the outset.

Open Communication: Building Strong Landlord-Tenant Relationships:

Communication is key in establishing strong relationships between landlords and tenants. Dweck encourages open dialogue, advising tenants to communicate with landlords about utility-related queries and expectations, fostering a positive and transparent living arrangement.


Albert Dweck’s guide on utility responsibilities serves as a valuable resource for tenants entering into new lease agreements. By unraveling the utility puzzle, exploring heating and cooling considerations, and delving into other essential utilities, Dweck equips tenants with the knowledge needed to navigate the often complex landscape of utility responsibilities. Thoroughly understanding your lease and engaging in open communication with your landlord sets the foundation for a positive and comfortable living experience.