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Albert Dweck: The Best Way To Find Good Investment Properties

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Real Estate investing is not always financially rewarding. If you invest in it, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll be rewarded financially. There’s more to it than what’s apparent. Albert Dweck specializes in leasing apartments in the Northeastern United States, focusing on the multifamily sector. Dweck has devised an effective investment strategy focusing on smaller properties with 30 units or less at a cost under $25 million.

Experienced real estate investors and industry experts say that finding the ideal investment property is crucial. The best investment property could yield significant returns; however, an investment that is not right could end up being disastrous.

Other than finding suitable investment properties, the article discussed here will discuss different aspects. Learn why investing in real estate is an excellent option in 2022 and how to identify what properties are suitable investments. They are crucial for experienced and novice investors because they can increase your odds of achieving success with your investment.

Are Real Estate Properties a Good Investment?- Albert Dweck

Albert Dweck! Property investment is one of the most effective ways to increase wealth and capital. Of course, this involves selecting the best investment properties to declare that you’ve done a great job. However, regardless of whether you opt to invest in property or alternative investment options, it is likely that you’ll earn an impressive return on the investment. However, things turned positive in the fourth quarter of the same year. Fast forward to the present day, the industry is increasing within the US despite the coronavirus dominating the skies.

Despite the rising trend, today’s mortgage rates are still within the typical American investor’s range. This makes investing in real Estate an alternative for investors.

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Why should you invest in real Estate in 2022?

Here are some reasons to consider why making a bet in the real estate market is beneficial for you:

Recurring Income

The amount you earn from your investment will be contingent on your investment strategy. Many actual property investors know how to locate good investment properties and transform them into vacation rentals or traditional properties.

Although other strategies like fix-and-flip or micro-flipping may yield good returns, you’ll have to invest more effort and time in each endeavor. In contrast to the two different types of properties, rental properties offer an income stream recurring more frequently. This, in turn, enhances the cash flow from the rental property.


In the past, real estate has appreciated in time, particularly as an investment with a buy-and-hold option. The Federal Reserve reports that as of Q4 of 2021, the median cost of houses sold within the US has grown by over 238 percent. This is in 20 years or since the beginning of Q1 2001.


Investors generally speak about not placing all their eggs in the same basket. This simply means diversifying your portfolio in investment and going beyond the usual mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Real estate properties can be good investment options that diversify the portfolio and give the investor tangible assets.

Inflation Hedge

Another benefit of investing in property is that it can effectively reduce inflation’s impact. Additionally, real estate costs tend to rise more quickly than inflation. Property owners who rent their properties have to deal with increased operating expenses by increasing their rent. To confirm the above assertion, MacroTrends reports that between 2001 and 2020, the inflation rate in the US averaged just higher than 41 percent. In contrast, the median price of homes for the same time frame increased by approximately 238 percent.

Tax Benefits

One of the most significant benefits investors can get from investing in real estate is the tax advantages. It provides a variety of ways to lower the amount of taxes you pay. Here are a few of the most popular tax deductions for rental properties:

  • Leasing and property management fees
  • Taxes on property and insurance
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Interest on mortgages
  • Related expenses of the owner (continuing education travel, continuing education, etc.)

What are the drawbacks of real Estate Investment?

Just like any other investment property has its fair number of drawbacks. Among the most well-known are:

Requires Greater Capital

Real Estate investing demands a significant amount of capital, and not everyone has the money to buy a property. In most cases, investors must find ways to finance the purchase of investment properties. When looking for financing options, it’s essential to be aware of the best solution that won’t be an expense on your finances. It is also necessary to determine how to get a higher down payment to ensure your mortgage payments are low. Investors usually pay an average of 25% of the property’s sale price.

It is a time-consuming activity.

According to Albert Dweck, Although investment properties can be an excellent opportunity to make money, they could consume a significant amount the time. Renting properties, in particular, need you to become involved if you want to generate a substantial money flow from them. In addition to managing your day-to-day operations, You must also:

  • Stay informed about the latest market trends
  • Be informed about the fair market rent
  • Perform routine check-ups
  • Make repairs and install updates as needed
  • Be aware of your money
  • Not Liquid

For investment purposes, the real property can’t be transferred into cash. It is impossible to sell your property at a fair price in a short time, particularly when you’re in a difficult place and require the money urgently. That’s why creating an emergency fund before when you invest is essential.

Liability Risks

As the owner of a rental property as a property owner, you are accountable for making sure your property is secure to live in. If it is not, you are at a possibility of being legally liable by a tenant guest or contractor who is injured while on your property.

To reduce liability risk, you should buy a landlord insurance policy. You can also ask your tenants to purchase an insurance policy for renters when the local laws on landlord-tenant permit the requirement.

What are the best kinds of properties to invest in?

You now know what you can be expecting when it comes to real estate investing; which are the best properties to consider? Understanding which kinds of investments in real estate yield the most profit is essential to know how to locate suitable investment properties.

Rental Properties

If you’re interested in locating good investment properties, you have to start looking at rental properties. Traditional rentals regularly earn you money compared to Airbnb, which offers a higher earnings potential. Both types of rentals offer some tax advantages. The only drawback to owning a rental property is that it is susceptible to seasonal fluctuations.

This is why location plays an essential part in rental property investment. Finding suitable investment properties is also about knowing the best markets for investment in rental properties.

Distressed Properties

Many real estate investors employ one strategy for investing: to purchase distressed properties, refurbish them, and then sell them for a profit. Flipping houses is profitable if done correctly, mainly if the property is in the desired area. One of the disadvantages of it is that it requires that you be more involved throughout the process. It is also quite costly because you have to factor in closing costs and home improvement costs.

Real Estate for Commercial Use

Commercial real estate investment can be a different kind of investment that can yield many returns. Property owners who own commercial properties also have an excellent professional relationship with tenants, assisting their businesses more efficiently. The disadvantage is obvious: it’s much more costly than a typical residential property. Additionally, making it your own is impossible because it is employed for business. You will require the assistance of certified professionals to manage your equipment’s maintenance, which is an additional expense.

Indirect Investments

Real Estate doesn’t always mean purchasing an actual property. Getting involved in the real estate market without tangible assets is possible because other options are available. You could invest in REITs, real estate crowdfunding sites, and other non-traditional investments.

How do you determine if a property investment is a good one? property investment

The art of finding the best investment properties is about knowing the elements that make them successful initially. To help you determine the properties that are worth making investments, below are a few factors to take into consideration:


The most crucial aspect of finding the most suitable investment property is finding the perfect neighborhood. The area you purchase will affect the kind of tenants you’ll receive. It can also impact the rate of vacancy. In selecting a community, ensure that it’s appealing to the people. The economy should be robust with lots of businesses that are open. Also, it should be easy to access public amenities and secure and safe.

Tax Rules

Taxes on property differ based on the state in which you live. Understanding the best way to evaluate the location by that state’s tax laws is essential. Many states are tax-free, but not all are good, mainly if you’re located in an area that attracts long-term tenants or has very high occupancy rates for holiday rental properties. But there are many undesirable areas with high tax rates, so you should identify which states to avoid.

Public Safety and Security

As Albert Dweck mentioned, safety is crucial in choosing the best location and property to purchase. Everyone doesn’t want to be in a slum filled with crime. Therefore, even if you have a cap or cash-on-cash return that is very high in a particular area but is considered unsafe to reside in, it will not help you in the eyes of an investor. Do some research first. This will provide you with some idea about how secure the area is. It is possible to go online and look up the crime rates for the city you’re looking at. This is an essential part of due diligence regarding real estate investment.

Educational Institutions

Another aspect that can make your investment a major success is if it’s located in a location with a unique education system. The areas with excellent schooling, both public and private, are appealing, particularly for couples with young children. Affluent universities and colleges draw college students to places that make renting properties an alternative.

Job Market

It is essential to consider the local economics to be thinking about. Areas that have a rising economy are likely to draw migrants from abroad. To find out which areas are growing economically, it is essential to be informed of significant businesses moving into the room. If this happens, the prices for housing and rentals rise.


One of the best tips we can offer you on how to locate a suitable investment property is to have an examination of the amenities that are available in the region. 

Future developments

In addition, you have been aware of the potential future to offer a particular area. By your investment strategy, selling your investment property in a hurry may not be recommended. Most of the time, holding the property for longer is advantageous. If you’re one of the individuals who don’t intend to sell quickly, You should consider your plans for the area you’re currently in. If there is a lot of construction, it’s a good sign that an economic boom is coming up. But, on the other hand, certain developments could affect your property’s value. Therefore, consider future results carefully when looking for the ideal investment property. This is the way to go about real estate investing correctly.

Real Estate Comps

Dweck believes that real estate comps address the problem of deciding whether a property is worth investing in. Real estate comparables are properties in the immediate area that possess almost the same characteristics as those considered for purchase.

Investors utilize real estate comps to assess how a property is compared to similar properties in value. Knowing how to use the real estate market comps, particularly rental comps, when you plan to launch renting property businesses is recommended. You can get the most informative guidance from Albert Dweck, owner of Duke Properties. Read more articles on good investment properties with Albert Dweck’s advice.