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Albert Dweck Finds Investing in New York City’s Property

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Albert Dweck finds investing in New York City’s property market a little like raising a child. It seems that the market is growing faster than you think. Investing hundreds of thousands of dollars is necessary before you see any return. As a father, having three children gives me an edge in the industry.

While Albert Dweck has been a successful New York City investor, it is not related to my parenting skills. As a result of keeping a close eye on market events, Albert has gained and maintained an advantage. Knowing what is happening in the market now gives me a chance to predict what will happen in the future. These are the three principles that Albert will use to buy investment property in NYC by 2022, based on what I see.

Here are the 3 Fundamentally Essential Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Investment Property in NYC in 2022:

Most of NYC is currently in a buyer’s marketplace. This means that it’s a great moment to purchase a rental property, but it can be challenging to flip investment properties for a profit. The NYC rental market is booming as many New Yorkers who fled the city in the wake of the pandemic are returning to their homes. Schools and offices are also reopening. This means landlords are offering fewer incentives and raising rents than last year.

You’ll need to consider recent changes in New York’s rental laws and the temporary eviction ban that was recently extended until the end of 2021. Investing in rental properties is not necessarily safer than flipping houses. These are my recommendations for purchasing an investment property in NYC that avoid these pitfalls:

*Avoid Manhattan investment properties.
*Get familiar with the most exciting boroughs in NYC.
*Concentrate on those neighborhoods that provide the highest ROI.
*Once you have identified the best investment areas, you can begin to look for distressed or fixer-upper properties that will turn a quick profit.


Before Albert Dweck considers buying investment property in Manhattan, Dweck will be looking at every borough of NYC. It may be okay for luxury developers with multimillion-dollar companies back, but it is certainly not possible for every individual investor I know.

After falling to record lows during the pandemic, Manhattan’s resale properties prices rebound to normal. Manhattan remains a buyer’s marketplace, as there is more supply than demand. However, a buyer’s market is not necessarily good for independent investors like you.

This luxury is not available to you. First-time investors may make costly and time-consuming mistakes when buying Manhattan property. You may be able to turn a property in disrepair into an excellent rental property within a few months. Still, the small rental income will not provide enough money to live comfortably. You’ll end up with a property you can’t sell for a long time, perhaps even years. This won’t make it easy to make a lot of cash in the interim.

2022 is the year to grow your real estate investment business if you are new to investing. Your investments should be viewed as a main event and not a sideshow. You need to look beyond Manhattan to achieve this.

The number of buyers grows as confidence increases in the housing market. Your competition will also increase. Suppose you want to avoid competing with more wealthy investors while still earning solid potential returns. In that case, Albert Dweck suggests looking in Queens, Staten Island, Staten Island, or other Brooklyn areas for the property yet to reach its peak. In 2022, New Jersey’s distressed properties will offer better investment opportunities.

There are still some investment opportunities available in Brooklyn’s best neighborhoods. However, it is becoming more expensive to live there. As more experienced investors buy the best properties, many first-time investors are forced out of the market. Independent investors are now looking for Queens neighborhoods such as Woodside, Jackson Heights and Sunnyside.

The potential of Northwestern Queens is especially high because many buyers are looking for properties close to Manhattan. It’s much cheaper to commute to Queens from Manhattan than to purchase property in New York City’s most expensive zip code. Despite this, northwestern Queens property prices are already rising due to increased housing demand. This is a good time to invest. Rent the property until the market changes and get in before they skyrocket.

There is no need for more competition. Higher prices are a result of more competition. Albert Dweck would focus on properties that the larger players don’t want to buy, such as ugly homes or fixer-uppers. You can buy a distressed property from an auction, search online or contact the owners directly to secure it.

The best neighborhoods in NYC to buy fixer-uppers in 2022

In NYC, real estate investing rules are to buy low and sell high, or create passive income while you wait. Although established neighborhoods like SoHo and Tribeca offer little downside volatility, it’s not easy to buy. You may also need deep pockets and hold the property for longer than expected to maximize ROI. You should not discount the potential in nearby neighborhoods in New York that could offer greater value.

These are some neighborhoods I am currently considering for NYC property investment.

Sometimes, you need to follow the people in the know. Long Island City developers believe this Queens neighborhood deserves attention and investment, given the number of new construction projects. The neighborhood is close to Manhattan, offering the same breathtaking views of Manhattan’s skyline. According to Albert, the cash flow forecasts from rents net of taxes, maintenance, and insurance, Long Island City is a great place to increase your ROI.

A proposed L train shutdown caused a marked drop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s north Brooklyn neighborhood. After the L train shutdown was canceled, Williamsburg’s housing demand increased significantly. Williamsburg’s real estate market was more stable than other parts of NYC during the pandemic partly because fewer people fled Brooklyn than those in more crowded boroughs. Williamsburg is a vibrant neighborhood with many distressed properties and a bustling arts district. This makes it a desirable area to live in for 2022.

The pandemic has not been a problem for this Brooklyn neighborhood. The demand and supply of multi-family properties have increased steadily over the past few years. You can often find incredible deals on properties that no other investor would consider. Multi-family properties are a great investment because you can make a good ROI if renting them out until the market improves. You can offset the property’s costs and the work you have done to it by accepting rent from more than one family at a given time. If the NYC market is good, you can sell the property for a profit if you don’t want to keep the rental.

The city is home to millions of people who never sleep. Many of them are likely looking for somewhere to sleep at night. As your real estate investing business grows, you need to find the best houses in NYC to sell, buy, or rent.